1984, Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine told the sexy and also compelling computer history story of the production of the computer. Based upon meetings with over 100 of the people that did it. Their work became a riveting, cult classic that combined strong coverage and also amazing story-telling.

The vibrant as well as in some cases humorous tales of the computer leaders. Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Steve Wozniak, Ed Roberts, Ted Nelson are all there and much more. The stories catch the collection of influences of the times– the wild risk-taking, the 60s consciousness, rebellion against the administration, the kitchen-table design– that were vital to the making of the computer. This stories adds to the product regarding those heady days as well as brings the story into the here and now by placing the development of the Web and the Internet in viewpoint and recognize exactly how and also why computer systems, the Web and also the Web have changed our lives.